Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide with the chemical form TiO2 is a white solid or powdered amphoteric oxide.  TiO2  is proven non-toxic, safe for humans and the environment. Moreover, it is well-known for the best opacity, best whiteness, brightness and is considered to be in the world today a white pigment with the best performance in many areas of application. 

Titanium is unique and irreplaceable. It has strong adhesion and is not easy to change chemically when exposed to the weather. With its good UV shielding effect, TiO2 is widely used to increase the durability and heat resistance of finished products. 

Fexby International Titanium Dioxide is sold in two types: Rutile and Anatase. Each grade of our TiO2 has excellent brightness and whiteness, strong dispersibility, and diversified color undertone. We also use both the chloride and sulfate processes to accomplish the best final products. Therefore, our Titanium Dioxide can be used in multiple advanced applications such as paint and coating, plastics, filler masterbatch, ceramic, paper, … or even cosmetics and food. With different price ranges, our TiO2 is suitable for every customers’ enquiry around the world.

Product GradeApplicationKey features
ATR-312Rigid PVC
Flexible PVC
PE/PP Masterbatch
Interior & Exterior Paints
Industries includes coating
With the advanced process control technique and the unique membrane coating process, the product has the advantages of extremely low impurity content, narrow particles size distribution of TiO2 particles and the continuous, even as well as compact coated membrane layer and is characterized by high weather resistance, dispersity, brightness and excellent scattering force, etc. .