Lead Based One Pack Stabilizer

These stabilizers have a proportionate combination of Lead Stearate, Dibasic Lead Stearate and Lubricants that give synergistic effects, make processing easy and fulfill your specification. Our One Pack stabilizers are used for a variety of applications ranging from rigid PVC pipes to flexible wires, soft shoes to colorful leather cloth.


The consistent and high-quality stabilizer system and waxes give advantages such as –

  • Higher output, reducing the processing cost.
  • Superior gloss.
  • No variation in wall thickness, resulting in lower rejections and wastages.
  • Longer life of screw & barrel.
  • Consistent physical properties such as impact strength and pressure test.
Product GradeApplicationKey features
Goldstab 2008 MSuction PipeHigh Thermal stability and good color hold
Goldstab 2020 KPConduit PipeSpecially designed for single screw
Goldstab 3016 NRigid Pipes (ASTM D 1785, BIS 4985, BIS 12818), Foam Board, Rigid Sheets and WPC sheetsProvides higher output, reducing the processing cost & excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties
Goldstab 3051 NColumn and Foam Core PipesHigh thermal stability, brighter finish and good gloss
Goldstab 3182Rigid Pipes (ASTM D 1785, BIS 4985, BIS 12818), Edge band, PVC Laminates/ SlidingCombination of heat stability and lubricaton to impart good aesthetic properties
Goldstab 3180 A Non-pressure, Plumbing and SWR Pipe (BIS 13592)Superior performance while processing