Calcium Based Stabilizer

As a part of our commitment to the sustainable development of the PVC industry, we have made significant investments in development of non-toxic stabilizers. We offer an extensive portfolio and tailor-made one pack of PVC heat stabilizers for a wide range of applications like Pipes, Profiles, Fittings, Foam Board, Leather Cloth, Shoes, Wires and Cables that are free from heavy metals, with an emphasis on high-performance.


  • Calcium Zinc Stabilizers mainly consist of Calcium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, organic and inorganic non-toxic co-stabilizers, and internal and external lubricant.
  • Core stabilizers provide initial color sufficient for PVC processing. Co-stabilizers are used to give excellent whiteness and long-term stability.
  • Calcium-Zinc stabilizers are performance-oriented and particularly provide excellent long-term retention of color, outstanding mechanical properties and a high level of the weathering resistance.
Product GradeApplicationKey features
Goldstab CZ 5208 NDCommercial and SWR Pipes (BIS 13592)Non-dusting and economical stabilizer
Goldstab CZ 5209 NDAgricultural & pressure PipeGood heat stability and gloss
Goldstab CZ 5213Column Pipe (Also used for Agriculture, Pressure and SWR Pipes, Edge band, Laminates/ Sliding and Rigid Sheets)Suitable stabilizer for superior performance and better mechanical properties